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5 strategies to recognize recruiters and hiring managers

One way to make a positive impact on your recruiting team is by recognizing and rewarding them for the work they do.


Improve your hiring efficiency to help your organization scale

Elevating your hiring efficiency and building sustainable processes that support your company as it scales can be a daunting challenge. Interested in learning how your teams can leverage Greenhouse features to support strategic growth? Find out in this blog.

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Diversity is a priority worldwide: Learnings for leaders from Cannes Lions 2023

Companies at Cannes Lions 2023 incorporated insightful discussions on DE&I into their programming more than ever before. We’re bringing you the top takeaways from the French beach to your screen so you won’t miss a thing (other than the rosé).

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8 EMEA diversity and inclusion recruitment practices

Recruiting in EMEA? Here’s how to set your diversity and inclusion (D&I) recruitment strategy up for success based on regional needs.

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AI, DEIB and the future of hiring: Cautious curiosity from candidates and hiring managers

Tune into any news source and it’s easy to find coverage of AI. But summing up how people feel about this technology, especially when it comes to hiring? That’s a little more complicated. We conducted a survey of over 2,700 candidates and over 100 HR leaders. Let’s dig into the findings.

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Understanding the difference between legacy and modern TA systems

It may be time to transform talent acquisition practices and move to a modern TA system. Wondering how? Find out in this blog.

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Workforce planning during uncertain times (and how HR tech can help)

We spoke with leaders from Oyster and HiBob to learn how to approach strategic workforce planning during downturns and how your tech stack can help. Read the recap in this blog.

Article, Recruiter tips, Structured hiring

Want to improve your hiring efficiency? Use your downtime to re-evaluate and build a structured hiring process

We spoke with industry leaders from Fike + Co, BambooHR and Checkr to discuss how to add efficiency to the hiring process and build a more structured hiring process. Read the recap in this blog.