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Intelligence Node Wins the 2022 Aegis Graham Bell Award for Innovation in Data Science

Intelligence Node Wins the 2022 Aegis Graham Bell Award data science product matching

Intelligence Node was announced as the winner of the 2022 Aegis Graham Bell Awards for the Innovation in Data Sciences category. These awards are hosted annually by Aegis School of Business, Data Science, Cyber Security, and Telecommunication and are designed to promote technology innovation and reward exceptional contributions by innovators. This award goes to the entire data sciences team and is a testament to Intelligence Node’s focus on technological innovation in the retail analytics space. 

After multiple rounds of evaluation and jury presentations, Intelligence Node won the award for its AI-driven product matching technology & advanced data analytics. Intelligence Node’s product matching is powered by its patented similarity engine and proprietary technology, Sherlock AI. Below, we explain in brief, our award-winning technology and approach: 

Advanced AI for Price Matching & Optimization 

At Intelligence Node, our mission is to democratize retail by making advanced, accurate pricing and product data available to all. In the age of Amazon, where prices change in minutes, not days, we are the eyes and ears of digital brands and retailers. We achieve these breakthrough capabilities using a differentiated and robust layer of machine learning (ML) based on proprietary techniques. Our platform matches and compares information collected from thousands of websites with 99% accuracy – an accomplishment that no other retail analytics business can match. 

“We are honored to be recognized for innovation in data sciences amongst a rich pool of tech contenders. Recognitions like these push us to continue investing time and effort in tech innovations to solve customer problems and use cases. This award goes to the whole data sciences team for their outstanding contributions to building and continuously enhancing our product matching and advanced analytics solutions.” said, CEO, Sanjeev Sularia.

Today, to win the digital-savvy, channel-agnostic eCommerce shopper, retailers and brands must consume data accurately, and in seconds, and then be able to scale their programs rapidly. Intelligence Node offers its customers this critical agility by uniquely implementing:

Patented Similarity Engine (for unmatched speed and accuracy in identifying the exact and similar competing product match)

Proprietary AI Technology, Sherlock AI for scalability (crawling and matching data at scale across millions of SKUs in real-time as opposed to 1-1 requests)

Intelligence Node’s Innovative Similarity Engine

We lead the industry delivering 99% matching accuracy backed up by contractual SLAs. We achieve our accuracy by combining an attribute-based approach, AI computer vision that compares digital images, and a configurable approach to ensure we mirror internal benchmarking methodologies. We track exact and similar matches of products across the globe with our patented, AI-powered Similarity Engine and Machine Learning image analytics that drill down to the category and product-level attributes.

With Intelligence Node, retailers and brands can win the price war using our one-to-one identical matching for branded products and discover similar products for private labels with one-to-one similar matching. Moreover, Intelligence Node can tailor its matching algorithm to meet the customer’s internal criteria for tracking similar products in their category.

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Sherlock AI: Intelligence Node’s Proprietary Algorithm

Sherlock AI is a proprietary high throughput program built primarily on Go and Python which is capable of searching for matches from all sources across the web and inside the Intelligence Node (INode) internal database. These sources can be anything from Google reverse image search,

website search bar, or internal database lookup based on abstract or structured visual and textual representations. Sherlock AI utilizes machine learning in various parts to enable wide use cases such as image-based searching, product match validation, and search result prioritization.

Additionally, our process is not deployed using a 1 by 1 request – instead, our platform makes multiple data collection calls in parallel using Sherlock AI. The result is high-velocity, highly accurate information that requires little to no human inspection and can be replicated across millions of products.

Explore how our award-winning product matching solution can help you drive your eCommerce growth. Talk to an expert.

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