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Real-time Product Matching with Unbeatable Accuracy

Track and compare exact & similar competitor products across the globe with 99% accuracy with our patented Similarity Engine and proprietary Machine Learning image analytics.


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Why Do You Need Product Matching?

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Of online shoppers compare
products before buying

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Customers abandon carts due
to differences in fully landed prices

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Cost of creating in-house teams to
track product matches

See How It Works

We ethically crawl online shopping portals ranging from the biggest eCommerce giants like Amazon to individual brand-owned sites like to find you the closest matches of your products from anywhere in the world. With our product matching software, get real-time visibility into your competitor products and optimize your prices in line with them.

The Technology Behind Our 99% Product Matching

Intelligence Node’s award-winning product matching solution is powered by our patented similarity engine and proprietary AI algorithms. With a retail repository of over 1.2 billion unique products, our similarity engine is trained on the world’s largest retail database and can produce best-in-class, 99% accurate product matches that are second to none. We have also added Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing to the equation to make the solution intuitive, self-learning and highly reliable.


Our SLAs Guarantee
Our Unmatched Accuracy & Efficiency

Data on time delivery
Data 'on time' delivery
99% of the time, Intelligence Node will deliver the data at the pre-agreed time(s) of the day.
Data Freshness
99.9% of all SKUs will be updated at least once within the contracted window frequency.
Matching Accuracy
If 100 SKUs are matched, only 1 can be a false positive (applies to exact matches).
Recall Rate
(Matching discovery)
'Recall' Rate
If 50 out of 100 SKUs are matched, the remaining 50 unmatched SKUs will not have more than 1 false negative.

Find Similar Matches for Your Products

Our AI-powered web crawlers monitor global websites to help you find competitor products that are close matches. To ensure our similar SKU matching gives you accurate results, we use distinct approaches where we segregate brands as ‘branded’ and ‘private label’ and segregate attributes as ‘mandatory’ and non-mandatory’ attributes, based on your individual requirements and draw comparisons that meet those requirements.

For instance, the image on the right shows a similar match for Heinz Tomato Ketchup. Both the products on Amazon are tomato ketchup bottles available in a 20 oz squeeze bottle in a pack of 6. These products were tagged as similar matches as they belong to different national brands but have matching attributes (volume, product type, ingredients, flavor, etc.)

Find Identical Matches for Your Products

Find your twin. Our sophisticated crawlers can scan hundreds of global websites that you want to track to find you identical SKU matches for your products in real-time, giving you a complete picture of your competitive landscape. The image on the left shows the comparison between the identical product ‘Safeviah Hudson Shag Ivory/Gray Rug’ sold on Lowe’s and The Home Depot.


Why Intelligence Node For Product Matching

3 layer
attribution AI model
matching accuracy
99% matching
accuracy SLA
refresh rates
10-sec data
refresh rates
Plug & Play
8+ years of time
series prediction
Global scope
Global scope &
100+ languages
categories mapped
Setup integration
Setup integration in
less than 1 day

Attribute Enrichment for Accurate Comparison

Find the product you want. Get instant access to the world’s largest GTIN, UPC and EAN product database. With our UPC API, you can easily search for any product using unique identifiers and receive clean, structured, and normalized product metadata standardized by our attribute algorithms. The results include product images, descriptions, and prices offered across multiple online retailers, which provide an unmatched market benchmarking view with 99%+ accuracy levels.


Types of Product Matching We Offer

Private vs. Private Label
Private vs. Private Label
Find and compare private label products of your global competitors with attributes similar to your private label products, in real-time. Identifying such private label similar products will help retailers gauge their competition, understand how similar products are priced, and change pricing and assortments to meet consumer needs and beat the competition.
Private Label vs. Branded
Private Label vs. Branded
Identify branded products across your global competitors that are close matches to your private label products, at 99% accuracy rate. See how you are priced in comparison with your branded counterparts and get smart price recommendations to ensure your prices are competitive.
Branded vs. Branded
Branded vs. Branded
Identify branded products across your global competitors that are exact or close matches to branded products sold by you. Make data driven pricing and promotions decisions according to prices set by competitors, in-stock, out-of- stock products, and market demand.

Competitive Product Matching and Real-time Price Optimization for a Global Hypermarket Leader.

It’s time you see why.

Frequently Asked Questions

Product Matching

The process of finding & qualifying equivalent (or same) products on websites is called Product Matching in digital retail. Product matching is used by brands and retailers to get visibility into similar and identical competitor products and make data-driven, competitive pricing and assortment decisions.
To stay abreast with the competition, eCommerce retailers need to keep a finger on the pulse of their competition and the similar products sold by them at all times. Identifying similar and exact products on competitor websites accurately is paramount to getting the correct competitor information to benchmark your products against competitor prices, assortments, and online performance.
Intelligence Node provides an exceptionally effortless onboarding process and minimal effort from the clients to set up the process of product matching. All we need from our customers is:
a. Name of domains (on which product matching has to be done) or a list of SKUs
b. That’s it!
Intelligence Node’s product matching uses a highly sophisticated similarity engine to match competitor products with 99% accuracy and at scale. The machine learning algorithms learn the client’s catalog and automatically find and refresh matches with unbeatable speed and accuracy.
Yes, Intelligence Node’s product matching solution is both category and language agnostic and can be used to match products from websites and marketplaces located anywhere in the world.
Matching on attributes and similar products matters because shoppers don’t just compare your products with exact same products - they compare substitutes as well. Intelligence Node understands this and offers 3 types of matches across the entire eCommerce landscape, ensuring none of your competing products, identical or similar, go unnoticed:
1. Exact match (like-to-like branded matches)
2. Similar match (private-label matches)
3. Variant match
Intelligence Node’s award-winning product matching solution is powered by proprietary machine learning algorithms and a patented similarity engine. It’s cutting-edge technology and intuitive AI makes it the most powerful matching solution out there, guaranteeing 99% matching accuracy rates. Unlike competitors that offer one time matching, Intelligence Node’s AI algorithms learn the client’s catalog and continuously find and refresh matches. It also accurately matches product titles and descriptions using NLP.

Additionally, we promise:
  1. Best-in-Class 99% product matching accuracy
  2. 10-second data refresh rates for real-time updates
  3. Patented similarity engine and proprietary AI algorithms
  4. Language agnostic capability ensuring global coverage
  5. Data standardization and catalog mapping
  6. A retail dataset of 1.2 billion+ unique products
  7. Plug & Play APIs for quick implementation and rapid ROI
Yes, Intelligence Node offers a bespoke product matching solution that is highly scalable and easily integrates with your internal CRM or ERP systems through plug & play APIs. You can tailor everything from the number of competitors and SKUs to track, matching frequency, geographies, pricing strategy, and custom email alerts and access your data through simplified, user-friendly dashboards.
Click on this demo link, fill in some basic information to help us understand your requirements better, and book some one-on-one time with our sales experts! Our sales team would be happy to walk you through our Product Matching capabilities and learn about your goals.

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