Achieve First Page Visibility with Digital Shelf Analytics

Most customers don’t go beyond the first page of search results, making high search and digital shelf ranking critical to converting shoppers into buyers. With Intelligence Node’s AI-driven Digital Shelf Analytics software, you can review, compare, and optimize your product listings to boost your search rankings and improve your conversions.

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Optimize Your Product

Maximize Your Share of the Digital Shelf

The world’s most future-proofed brands differentiate themselves by building organic shopper enthusiasm. Brands need to leverage Digital Shelf Analytics and focus on findability by ensuring high-ranking search engine presence combined with key reseller presence to optimize their share of shelf performance.

  • Distinguish between paid and organic results
  • Measure visibility on search engines and online marketplaces
  • Track best-selling and trending products on competitor marketplaces & websites
  • Determine digital shelf share and visibility rank vis-à-vis competition
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Optimize Prices and Monitor Product Availability

Optimize Prices and Monitor Product Availability

Shoppers are increasingly savvy in their ability to discover the best prices and deals on the products they want. Almost 50% of shoppers compare products online while in a store. Competitive prices and product availability are key metrics in winning consumers and improving digital shelf performance.

  • Benchmark against exact and similar match products
  • Understand pricing & promotions activity in real-time
  • Analyze inventory of competitors and never run out-of-stock
Optimize Prices and Monitor Product Availability
Audit Your Product Descriptions & Imagery

Audit Your Product Descriptions & Imagery

87% of consumers are unlikely to repeat a purchase from a retailer that provided inaccurate product information. With Intelligence Node’s Digital Shelf Analytics, brands and retailers can assess, review, and optimize product descriptions and images to improve shopper experience and maximize share of digital shelf.

  • Analyze the top-performing keywords and SKUs
  • Track missing attributes, attribute nomenclature, images, and inconsistencies
  • Create keyword enriched product descriptions from images and free text using visual transformers (ViT) and NLP algorithms
  • Enrich product attributes with correct descriptions, images, and SEO keywords
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Advanced Digital Shelf Analytics
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Improve Your Product

Improve Your Product Searchability and Discoverability

More than 80% of shoppers don’t go beyond the first page of search results when browsing for products online. Optimized product listings with advanced Digital Shelf Analytics for better product discoverability and higher conversions.

  • Enrich your attributes and enhance search filters
  • Track product miscategorization on product navigation
  • Track product miscategorization based on search results
  • Find and bridge the gaps in your product descriptions
Analyze Customer
Analyze Customer

Analyze Customer Reviews & Shopper Sentiment

Shoppers trust customer reviews and rely on them while making a purchase decision. 82% of consumers specifically seek out negative reviews. Verified reviews are also important metrics for high digital shelf ranking and to gauge shopper sentiment.

  • Understand which brands, categories, and products to prioritize action for
  • Incorporate keywords from positive reviews into your descriptions
  • Analyze trending keywords and consumer sentiment with the ‘Customer Reviews & Ratings’ dashboard
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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Shelf Analytics

The Digital Shelf is a collection of different digital touchpoints related to a product that shoppers interact with before making a purchase decision. It is where shoppers find your products online - in online search results, marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart, your own Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) website, shoppable social media promotions or digital ads. It is where shoppers go to browse, analyze, and compare products they intend to buy, similar to a physical display in a brick and mortar store.
Digital Shelf Optimization is the process of constantly reviewing and optimizing your brand’s presence across digital platforms to ensure prominent product placement, visibility, and brand consistency. While in a physical store display brands can enhance their product visibility with attractive packaging, brand displays, and strategic placement of products, the Digital Shelf ranking depends largely on product content and is influenced by factors like product copy and keywords, competitive prices, product reviews, assortment, and product availability. Hence, Digital Shelf optimization involves optimization of all these factors and more, that affect your online brand presence. By continuously optimizing your Digital Shelf presence, you can ensure that your products are visible to shoppers at the top of search results as well as digital shopping channels like third party marketplaces, retailer websites, etc.
Where your products appear on the Digital Shelf space has a direct impact on your conversion rates as 80% of shoppers don’t go beyond the first page of search results while browsing for products online. Hence, Digital Shelf Optimization becomes extremely important to ensure that your products are ranking on top of search results and can be easily found by shoppers looking to make a purchase. With Digital Shelf Optimization, brands and retailers can monitor and analyze their competitors’ product visibility and can boost their Digital Shelf presence by optimizing myriad factors like product copy, keywords, reviews, and pricing that can directly impact their online visibility.
Intelligence Node Digital Shelf Analytics is an AI-driven software for brands and retailers looking to improve their Digital Shelf rankings. Intelligence Node offers a comprehensive plug & play solution that is powered by it’s proprietary machine learning algorithms, advanced analytics, and computer vision to track, compare and optimize product listings in near-real-time. Intelligence Node Digital Shelf Analytics solution consists of various modules including product copy generation and audit, keyword analysis, image optimization, assortment and availability optimization, customer reviews and shopper sentiment analysis, pricing and promotions, etc.
Intelligence Node Digital Shelf Analytics software is powered by proprietary AI technology, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and a patented similarity engine and is battle-tested by global brands and retailers with presence on 6 continents. The following capabilities set it apart from its competitors and make it a sought-after solution:
  • 10-second data refresh rates
  • NLP powered product copy generation
  • Product image optimization with AI computer vision
  • Product Improvement Score to enhance product copy with the right keywords
  • 99% product matching accuracy for accurate price comparisons and assortment insights
  • A retail dataset of over 1 billion+ unique retail products
  • Plug and play APIs for quick implementation and rapid ROI
  • Language-agnostic capability and global presence
Yes, Intelligence Node offers highly customizable, scalable Digital Shelf Analytics software which can be seamlessly integrated with your internal systems through plug & play APIs. From choosing specific Digital Shelf modules, number of SKUs and competitors, geographies, data refresh rates (as frequent as every 10 seconds), to the data consumption format and custom email alerts, Intelligence Node offers you a solution that is truly tailored to your requirements and presents it to you in the form of a simplified, user-friendly dashboard.
Brands and retailers should consider the following factors while evaluating Digital Shelf software:
  • Technology : utilizes cutting-edge, intuitive AI/ML technology that needs little human intervention and can automate and streamline your Digital Shelf strategy
  • Scalability: is easily scalable to accommodate your evolving business needs
  • Accuracy: provides high levels of data accuracy and reliable insights
  • Accessibility: can be accessed anywhere through APIs or online SaaS portals and needs minimum to no integrations
  • Customizations: can be tailored to your unique needs
  • Costs: is affordable and can give rapid return on investment
You can request a free demo by booking some one-on-one time with our sales experts here. Our sales experts would be happy to understand your requirements and walk you through our AI-driven Digital Shelf capabilities.