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Intelligence Node’s proprietary AI technology, award-winning analytics, global Fortune 500 customer base, and a formidable retail dataset make it an ideal partner to grow your business and add value to your customer relationships.

Join Intelligence Node on its mission to provide the most comprehensive, data-rich perspective of the consumer buying journey to brands and retailers so they can thrive in the age of digital commerce. Partner with us to form a powerful alliance.

Why Partner With Us

Reach a wider audience
and global customers
Add flexible revenue streams
to your business
Leverage Intelligence Node’s advanced analytics and proprietary AI platform
Offer more value and newer
capabilities to your customers
Get access to a retail dataset
of 1.2 billion+ retail products
Develop expertise and credibility
in new areas of business

Our Partners

BARE International is the largest independent provider of customer experience research, data, and analytics for companies across the world. Founded in 1987, BARE International’s global capabilities provide unmatched service and support to businesses in over twenty industries.

BARE’s global presence and in-store data collection expertise combined with Intelligence Node’s proprietary, award-winning online data sourcing and product matching capabilities enable a shopper-focused view for all our retail customers.
Pricemoov provides advanced price optimization, repricing, and management solutions that help global B2C and B2B enterprises power digital commerce, adapt to market dynamics, and empower sales teams. Through this partnership, Intelligence Node will provide AI-driven competitive data feeds that will connect to Pricemoov’s platform. The combined solution furthers the ability of brands and retailers to dynamically deliver resonant prices to shoppers that factor in customized price logic by product and channel.
Fractal Analytics is a global AI analytics company that provides consulting and analytics services for CPG, insurance, healthcare, life sciences, retail and technology, and the financial sector.

Through the Intelligence Node - Fractal Analytics partnership, we offer our customers comprehensive online and offline retail data analytics and proven consulting services for their global businesses.
Boston Consulting Group is a global consulting firm that partners with leaders in business and society to tackle their most critical challenges and capture their most significant opportunities.

BCG’s global reach, deep industry consulting expertise, and innovation, combined with Intelligence Node’s real-time eCommerce data and AI-driven analytical capabilities, help us offer sustainable, innovative, and strategic solutions for our customers and drive company-wide transformation.

Let’s Grow Together

Get access to the world’s largest
retail dataset of 1.2 billion SKUs
Leverage advanced crawlers & proprietary AI that offers 10-second data refresh rates
Be in the company of market leaders and Fortune 500 retail customers

Become an Intelligence Node Partner

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