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A product suite for next-generation retail optimization. Explore our full product suite designed to empower the best retail teams in the world.

Our Products

Retail in the
Age of Amazon

Cutting-edge retail technology and proprietary AI & ML driven advanced analytics that help you optimize prices, assortments, and visibility with unparalleled speed and accuracy.

Analytics on Autopilot

Brand Intelligence

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Improve Product Visibility & Share of Search

Improve your share of search and digital shelf performance by optimizing product content and imagery, tracking competitor rankings, and analyzing customer reviews.

Optimize Assortments & Inventory Availability

Curate winning assortments and ensure product availability at all times by tracking product movement, sales velocity, market trends, and competitor catalogs.

Offer Competitive Prices in Real-time

Compare prices against similar competitor products and optimize prices in real-time with AI-driven price optimization and rule-based dynamic pricing.

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home center

“We needed a clear insight into the market, and this is where Intelligence Node helped us. With efficient analytical tools, we were able to understand how competitive we’ve priced our products and how many products we needed to have in each category to be a market leader.”

Medric Payne
CEO, Home Centre

Retailer Intelligence

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Optimize Prices for Improved Margins & Profitability

Offer the best prices to your customers without compromising on your margins with advanced price optimization and smart price recommendations.

Identify Assortment & Inventory Gaps

Identify and optimize assortment gaps based on competitor catalogs and market trends and maintain optimum inventory levels.

Rank on the 1st Page of Search Results

Improve search and digital shelf rankings by optimizing product listings by analyzing reviews, SEO keywords, and competitor performance.

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Even with over 2,000 brick-and- mortar stores in Indonesia, it wasn’t easy to step into the ecommerce world. However, having Incompetitor® on hand meant that this transition was considerably smoothed over for us.

Amit Keswani
VP, Mitra Adiperkasa(MAP)

Data Intelligence

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Customizable Plug & Play Retail Analytics

Get started in less than a week with plug & play APIs & SaaS portals that need little to no integration.

Highest Data Quality & Rapid ROI

Access the highest quality data with the fastest refresh rates that convert shoppers into buyers and give you fast returns.

Powered by Proprietary Big Data & ML Technology

Harness the power of fast, reliable, and advanced analytics backed by cutting edge AI and big data driven retail tech stack.

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