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Optimize your entire hiring process

Greenhouse Services offer personalized plans to help you build, connect, integrate and optimize your hiring process so it’s more efficient and effective from day one.
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Make confident decisions with personalized guidance

Our experts can demystify complex technical decisions or help design the best – and most secure – outcome for your organization. Through structured customization, you get the services you need without paying for anything you don’t.

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Get a customized service plan to fit your needs

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Build best practices from day one

Get expert consultation on how to implement Greenhouse based on your hiring and technical needs. We’ll work alongside your team to build a structured and fully customized training program that ensures process change and company-wide adoption.

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Connect Greenhouse and your HRIS

HRIS Link connects your most important data from Workday and Greenhouse, with little or no developer resources required. Get a seamless setup that maintains the full integrity of your data while reducing your time to hire.

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Seamlessly integrate your existing systems

Learn how Greenhouse can work smoothly with your current systems and historical data. Leverage the right resources from the start with expert guidance that simplifies complicated technical integrations and helps you create custom workflows specific to your hiring needs.

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Optimize the design of your entire hiring process

Strategic consulting dives into the needs of your stakeholders and optimizes your recruiting process through a curated training program, custom build sessions and ongoing education. You’ll also get expert advice on where your hiring process is working – and where you need to improve compared to industry benchmarks.

A tested, secure hiring solution

With Greenhouse, you can be confident that your data is secure and compliant, so you can focus on what matters most – hiring.

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