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06, Hospital

Natural and
soft collocation

The low-saturation color matches the light color of the corridor, creating a low-impact environment that gives the patient a comfortable environment.

Hospital Lvt flooring

⇓ The site ground floor pattern

LS25515 Beige Concrete


Beige Concrete

⇒ Other suggested floor pattern

LS25517 Brown Concrete


Brown Concrete

LES4311 White Marble


White Marble

Integration of floor and surroundings

The warm-toned floor is matched with a light pattern to match the environment of the ward, reducing the hospital’s sense of depression and providing patients with a more relaxed and comfortable feeling.

Hospital LVT flooring

⇓ The site ground floor pattern

LW25518 Quebec Oak


Quebec Oak

Hospital Lvt flooring

⇓ The site ground floor pattern

LW25511 Elegant Oak


Elegant Oak

⇒ Other suggested floor pattern

LW25516 Golden Teak


Golden Teak

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