Project Description

The wear layer of the surface layer of Tianyuan floor has special anti-slip property. Compared with the ordinary floor material, the Tianyuan floor feels the more unsmooth when it is wet, and it is less likely to slip. That is, the more it is wet, the more unsmooth it is. Therefore, in places with high public safety requirements, such as airports, hospitals, kindergartens, schools, etc., Tianyuan floor is the preferred floor decoration materials.

Anti-slip experiment

On the anti-skid detection instrument, the person weighing 80Kg uses the barefoot, wearing and slipping shoes to perform the floor anti-skid performance test on the dry and wet floor on the gradient of frictional deviation of 15 degrees.

In the case of bare feet, the laminate floor is 0.78/0.55, the tile floor is 0.84/0.36, the PVC floor is 0.83/0.57, and ours is 58% higher than tile floor.

In the case of socks, the laminated floor is 0.2, the tile floor is 0, 17, and the PVC floor is 0.37. Ours is 117% higher.

In the case of slippers, the anti-skid coefficient of the laminated floor is 0.59 (dry) / 0.53 (wet), and the tile floor is 0.58 melon / 0.35, PVC floor 0.67/0.59. Ours is 68% higher than the tile floor.