Antibacterial and mildew resistance

Antibacterial and mildew resistance2018-12-10T12:03:21+00:00

Project Description

The surface of Tianyuan floor has undergone special antibacterial treatment, and some products have specially added antibacterial agents. For most bacteria have a strong ability to kill and inhibit the ability of bacteria to multiply.

Antibacterial performance test

Using the film compression test, the public bacteria (Escherichia coli, pneumonia, and Bacillus subtilis B) were placed on the test floor for 24 hours, and the reduction of bacteria in the test samples was calculated to indicate the bactericidal ability.

Test results:

Escherichia coli sterilization 98%, pneumonia bacteria 100%, Bacillus subtitles B 97%, other floors can only be 25% / 30% / 23.3%.

Mold growth test

Place the mold strain on the sample and observe the test method of the degree of reproduction of the poison in the exercise time.

Experimental results:

The prevention ability of Tianyuan floor mold can reach 0 level.