High elasticity and strong impact resistance

High elasticity and strong impact resistance2018-12-10T12:10:05+00:00

Project Description

Tianyuan floor has soft texture and good elasticity. It has good elastic recovery ability under the impact of heavy objects and feels comfortable. It is called “soft gold in the ground”. At the same time, Tianyuan floor has strong impact resistance, and it has strong elastic recovery ability for heavy impact, and will not cause damage. Due to the suspended structure design of the Tianyuan floor, it can reduce the load of the human body by nearly 40% compared with the solid wood floor and the laminate floor, and cushion the impact and the foot is very comfortable.

Foot test

Tested on a tester weighing 60Kg, the knee joint on the reinforced floor carries 72Kgf pressure, 62kgf on the solid wood floor, 40f on the Tianyuan floor, compared with the laminate floor, the cumulative load per day is reduced by 48000KgH (1500 steps per day walk).