Noise prevention

Noise prevention2018-12-10T12:04:46+00:00

Project Description

Tianyuan floor has good sound insulation and noise reduction. It has the effect that ordinary floor materials can’t compare. The sound absorption can reach 20 decibels. In the need of quiet environment, such as hospital ward, school library, lecture hall, theater, etc. With the Tianyuan floor, you no longer have to worry about the noise of high-heeled shoes knocking the ground. Tianyuan floor can provide you with a comfortable and humane living environment.

Impact sound test:

The method uses the noise generated by the ground due to the light impact, and the noise data measured by the radio room. (Note: different test results will be various).

Test results:

laminate floor 64dB, tile 74dB. Tianyuan floor 57dB, reduced by 17dB.