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Advanced Price Optimization Software for Accurate Competitor Benchmarking

Accurate, complete, and timely competitor data is a critical input for Price Optimization. Intelligence Node has established the industry's highest level of competitor product matching and data sourcing to directly feed into your price optimization software. Let us show you how utilizing same-day, accurate competitor data provides you the ability to react to market changes as they are happening and further leverage your investments in Price Optimization.

Price Optimization
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Brands that Trust Intelligence Node's Price Optimization Software
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Best Price, Not the Lowest
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360° Pricing based on Product Lifecycle
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Test ’What If‘ price scenarios
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99% Best-in-industry matching accuracy

Win New Customers with Real-time Price Optimization

Price optimization is a big data analytics offering that helps you determine how shoppers will respond to different product pricing levels, which can maximize sales and profitability. Gain real-time market visibility with our AI-driven ecommerce pricing tools. With the help of retail price optimization you can stay on top of your competitors’ price movements and catalog changes. Our price optimization solution can help you make timely markdowns to beat your competitors' deals - or mark up the prices to take advantage when your rivals have out-of-stock inventory, maximizing your margins.

Real-time Optimization

Offer Competitive Prices that Resonate with your Shoppers

The new age shoppers are hyper-aware consumers who know the best prices before they shop; online retailers need to adapt to attract these savvy consumers. With Intelligence Node’s automated, AI-driven price optimization, retailers can study market movements and offer competitive prices while staying profitable. Put your pricing on auto-pilot with our award-winning automated price optimization solution.Our proprietary similarity engine compares prices with similar and identical products across the globe, in real-time, to recommend the most optimized, smart prices that win the customer, everytime!

Offer Competitive Prices

Offer Competitive Prices that Resonate with your Shoppers

The new age shoppers are hyper-aware consumers who know the best prices before they shop; online retailers need to adapt to attract these savvy consumers. With Intelligence Node’s automated, AI-driven price optimization, retailers can study market movements and offer competitive prices while staying profitable. Put your pricing on auto-pilot with our award-winning automated price optimization solution.Our proprietary similarity engine compares prices with similar and identical products across the globe, in real-time, to recommend the most optimized, smart prices that win the customer, everytime!

Grow Your Customer Base and Product-level Margins With the Most Accurate Ecommerce Pricing AI

Offering the best deals doesn’t always mean resorting to deep discounts. Retailers can take advantage of market movements and competitor price and inventory fluctuations rule-based dynamic pricing and real-time price optimization, to drive profitability. With 10 second data refresh rates, retailers can have eyes on competitor pricing movements at all times and have the flexibility to automatically update their prices within seconds, to win new customers and retain old ones.

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Discover end-to-end retail pricing optimization

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Agile Pricing Strategies

Switch between customizable goals for a truly dynamic pricing strategy. Exceed your retail targets and improve your margins with real-time price monitoring and optimization.

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360° Pricing Insights

Get insights on the pricing dynamics for any product with a URL or a product ID. Test smart price recommendations and optimize 360° pricing based on a host of factors and goals.

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Next-gen Price Matching

Offer the most competitive deals to your customers with pricing that matches similar and identical products across the globe.

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Lifecycle Pricing

Trace back a product’s pricing history to as far as 2 years with our price monitoring software. View day-by-day prices of a product for a specific period and look up similar and exact products in the past.

Estimate the right price for each product

Get a live demo to learn how our price optimization solution can drive retail profitability for your brand.

Get an edge over your competitors and win market share with real-time price intelligence and best-in-industry product matching capabilities with >99% accuracy rate.

  • Watch your competitors' movements in real-time
  • Switch between multiple pricing strategies for maximum agility
  • Make effective SKU level adjustments to your pricing

Marketplaces/ERPs supported

market places
Unimart Roberto Jimenez
“ Our goal is to create an extraordinary shopping experience for our customers and offer the largest product catalog at the best prices in Costa Rica. Intelligence Node has helped us deliver on the “pricing” component of our value proposition in a very efficient manner. ”
Roberto Jimenez
CEO & Co-founder
Nestle Rebecca C
“ Intelligence Node automatically finds URLs where our products are sold and pulls the price points into an easy-to-view dashboard. It also refreshes the data daily or weekly and provides very accurate pricing. With no integrations needed, we were able to see results right away. ”
Rebecca C.
Business Intelligence Manager, Clos 19
Nestle Anna B
“ With Intelligence Node we were able to accurately identify multiple price violations at the zip code level within days of going live. These features along with real-time email notifications have made MAP monitoring extremely easy for us to implement & get results fast. ”
Anna B.
Sales Analytics Manager at Nestle
Nestle Medric P
“ We needed a clear insight into the market, and this is where Intelligence Node helped us. With efficient analytical tools, we were able to understand how competitive we’ve priced our products. ”
Home Centre
Medric P.
CEO, Home Centre
MAP Amit K
“ Even with over 2,000 brick-and- mortar stores in Indonesia, it wasn’t easy to step into the ecommerce world. However, having Intelligence Node on hand meant that this transition was considerably smoothed over for us. ”
Amit K.
VP, Mitra Adiperkasa(MAP)
Wellness Haarshal T
“ We are accurately tracking 10,000+ competitor products on a daily basis using Intelligence Node. Its smart pricing rules and recommendations give us competitive prices while improving our margins. Within days of go-live, we saw results using its dashboards! ”
Haarshal T.
Head: Omnichannel and Hyperlocal Business
MagicVision Edmond H.
“ Our onboarding experience with Intelligence Node was easy, we were up and running in a day. The software does exactly what we expect it to do and is highly accurate. The user interface is simple, intuitive, and professional looking. It is much better than the other solutions we have used. ”
Edmond H.
Fig Daniel L.
Intelligence Node had us up and running with their API, Data Intelligence, in just days after we signed up. The customer support team is responsive and the pricing intelligence we are getting is helping us stay competitive and win new business - great stuff!
Daniel L.
CTO & Co-founder

Does your price optimization software offer real-time competitive insights?

Can your price optimization software offer 99% product matching accuracy?

Can you automate your price optimization strategy across thousands of SKUs?

Can your price optimization platform trace back a product's pricing history to upto 4 years?

Does your price optimization software give 360° pricing insights hidden to your rivals?

If your answer is no, it's time to the most advanced Price Optimization Technology.
Frequently Asked Questions

Price Optimization

The best price optimization software is an AI-driven software that leverages intuitive machine learning algorithms to review, revise, and automate pricing strategies for thousands of online products with a high level of accuracy and speed. For retailers and brands, it enables companies to experiment with a variety of pricing strategies by pre-defining metrics and goals, tracking competitor prices, market trends, demand, and more. Price optimization that leverages machine learning also recommends smart prices in real time and helps brands and retailers improve their product margins, conversions, and profitability.
In the retail industry, price optimization software aids brands and retailers in offering the most competitive prices without compromising on margins using data-driven, actionable pricing insights. Retailers and brands can implement different pricing strategies including cost-plus, market driven, rules-based, elasticity based, etc. as per their requirement using an AI-driven price optimization software. Price optimization software analyzes vast amounts of competitor and market data, demand patterns, product visibility, and multiple other parameters to recommend smart prices that help improve product level margins and profitability.
In manual pricing, a pricing leader uses software or excel sheets to analyze competitor and market data from one particular point-in-time. Then uses pre-approved parameters to provide price recommendations which can be used to update product prices manually on a company’s eCommerce website. In automated pricing, pricing software uses rules and pre-defined parameters like changes in competitive product pricing, sales trends, stock outs, and demand to identify competitive prices across thousands of SKUs, that are in line with the user’s gross margin requirements. The software can then automatically update the product prices on the company eCommerce site. With an automated pricing strategy, retailers and brands have the bandwidth to change prices multiple times a day across any number of SKUs without having to invest substantial amount of time or resources.
In the age of Amazon, where pricing decisions are made in minutes and not days, manual price management is not enough. With manual pricing, there are often chances that you are over pricing or under pricing your products and leaving money on the table. AI-driven pricing software, on the other hand, is fast, accurate, and provides pricing recommendations based on multiple parameters, within seconds. It eliminates manual errors and guesswork and helps you automate your pricing strategy for thousands of products so you can take advantage of gaps left by your competitors thereby increasing product margins and leading to higher revenue sales.
Intelligence Node’s price optimization software is powered by patented machine learning algorithms and Intelligent AI to give the users the most accurate pricing recommendations. With 99% product matching accuracy and 10-second data refresh rates, retailers and brands can track competitor prices precisely and in real-time using Intelligence Node. The company’s rule-based pricing ensures price optimization in line with the user’s pricing policy rules, so brands and retailers can make price adjustments automatically using AI resulting in higher gross margins and more shopper conversion opportunities.
Intelligence Node’s pricing optimization software empowers brands and retailers with an AI-driven patented similarity engine that enables them to compare and analyze products and prices across their global competitive landscape with high industry matching accuracy of 99%, extensive AI-driven retail datasets, fast data refresh rates for reviewing and updating prices across their online inventory in real-time, and plug and play APIs with zero integration for rapid ROI. Intelligence Node’s proprietary language-agnostic solutions support more than a hundred languages across six continents and are easily scalable and customizable to incorporate specific needs of any retail organization.
Intelligence Node’s robust layer of machine learning (ML) based on proprietary techniques, matches and compares information collected from thousands of global websites including Amazon, Alibaba and others, with 99% accuracy. Its patented smart crawling technology replicates human behavior, is non-intrusive, and ethically deployed. This technology, coupled with 8+ years of time series prediction models and algorithms that hone in on pricing and availability information as the primary data targets, enables our best-in-class product refresh rates.

Additionally, Intelligence Node uses a 3-layer attribution AI model that looks at collected data, inferred data, computer vision and other non-obvious product sources like customer reviews. It is because of this multi-pronged collection and review process, that it can offer the highest levels of product matching accuracy and product refresh rates in the market and optimize prices in real-time.
Yes, Intelligence Node offers a bespoke, scalable pricing solution which seamlessly integrates with your internal systems and enables you to implement a fully customized price optimization strategy, fast. From choosing the number of SKUs, retailers, marketplaces and eCommerce websites to predefining rules and monitoring competitor prices at a zip code or a global level, as frequently as every 10-seconds or once everyday, Intelligence Node can accommodate all your requirements and present them to you in a unified, user-friendly dashboard.
Key parameters for brands and retailers to consider while evaluating a pricing software for their online businesses include:

Scalability: a solution that scales with your growing business needs
Speed & accuracy: has fast data refresh rates and highest level of data accuracy
Integrations: needs minimum to zero integrations ensuring quick set up
Technology: is powered by state-of-the-art AI/ML technology, powerful retail datasets, and can automate your pricing strategies
ROI: can give rapid ROI on your investments
Customizations: is flexible and can be customized as per your requirements

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