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Want to improve your digital shelf and search rankings?
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Digital Shelf Analytics
Moving from page 2 to page 1 can boost sales by almost 20x
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Want to optimize assortments & lower inventory costs?
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Assortment & Availability
Reducing stock-outs & overstocks can lower inventory costs by 10%
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Want to offer optimized prices to win today’s comparison shoppers?
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Pricing & Promotions
88% of shoppers compare prices while shopping online
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Want to control your brand identity and prices?
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Brand Protection
20% of tracked products report MAP violations everyday

Digital Shelf Analytics

More than 80% of consumers
don’t click past the first page of search results

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Gain first page visibility with digital shelf analytics
SEO Analysis
Visibility Tracking
SKU Optimization

Improve Visibility on Digital Shelves

  • Monitor digital shelf rankings and track competitor performance
  • Optimize product descriptions and include keywords for SEO
  • Identify and enhance non-performing SKUs
Attribute Enrichment
Content/Image Audit
Product Improvement Score

Optimize Product Copy & Attributes

  • Review and analyze your content and images
  • Enrich product attributes, optimize content and images to rank higher
  • Generate Product Improvement Score on a scale of 0 to 4
SKU Enrichment
Feature Improvement
Sentiment Analysis

Track Ratings & Reviews

  • Identify SKUs with negative customer ratings and reviews
  • Optimize features and descriptions as per positive reviews
  • Identify “trending words” to understand shopper sentiment

& Availability

Brands can lower inventory costs by 10% by reducing stock-outs and overstocks
Assortment Availability
Curate winning assortments with AI-driven assortment intelligence
Assortment Insights
Catalog Optimization
Product Benchmarking
Curate Winning Assortments
  • Optimize catalogs to offer the right assortments across every category
  • Improve product performance with Product Lifecycle Analysis
  • Monitor and benchmark catalog performance against competitors
Inventory Availability
Inventory Tracking
Product Re-allocation
Optimize Inventory and SKU Availability
  • Analyze demand and replenish stock based on sales velocity
  • With Sales Forecasting, maintain optimum inventory levels at all times
  • Compare your depth of inventory with competitors to analyze the gaps

Why Intelligence Node for Brand Analytics?

matching accuracy
99% product
matching accuracy
refresh rates
10-sec data
refresh rates
Plug & Play
Patented data scraping
across global websites
Global Scope
Retail AI across 6
continents & 100+ languages
Plug & Play
Rapid ROI
Predictive Analytics &
Trend Forecasting
Try Brand Intelligence today and improve your product visibility and conversions

Pricing &

88% of shoppers compare prices while shopping online
Competitor Price Monitoring
Product Matching
Track and Compare Competitor Prices
  • Monitor your competitors’ price movements with 10-second data refresh rates
  • Match exact and similar products across your competitor landscape with 99% accuracy
  • Analyze SKU level prices, availability, promotions and get their pricing history
Dynamic Pricing
360° Price Optimization
Review and Optimize Prices in Real-time
  • Take advantage of competitor pricing gaps by reacting to price changes quickly
  • With our 360° Price Optimization, review and optimize prices vis a vis competitors
  • Adjust your prices multiple times a day based on pre-configured rules
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Social Media Monitoring
Email Tracking
Track Email & Social Media Promotions
  • Track competitor promotions across emails, social media, and websites
  • Monitor promotions in real-time and curate competitive offers across platforms
  • Compare and optimize your promotional strategy in line with your competitors
Ready to grow your margins and profitability?

Brand Protection

$2.6 B is lost in revenue from MAP violations
in the US alone every year
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Boost your eCommerce growth with AI-driven intelligence
MAP Monitoring
Fraud Detection
High-risk Sellers Identification
Protect Brand Identity & Margins
  • Track price violations across global websites and marketplaces
  • Detect fraudulent and high-risk sellers and counterfeit products
  • Get alerted of any suspicious activity or price inconsistencies in real-time