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Curated, simplified pricing plans made to help you excel in the fast-paced digital retail environment. Intelligence Node operates a pure subscription model, where retailers and brands can subscribe to our award-winning competitive data feeds annually or multi-yearly.

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Modular Pricing:
Choose Individual Modules or
Opt for the Full Solution Suite

Intelligence Node’s modular pricing enables brands and retailers to pick and choose from our diverse
competitive analytics modules or opt for the entire suite of AI-driven solutions.

Revenue ($)
No. of SKUs to track
No. of competitors
I am here to:
Match similar/exact products
Monitor pricing on competitor websites/marketplaces
Get competitive assortment insights
Detect MAP violations and unauthorized sellers
Optimize digital shelf visibility
Data refresh rate
10 secs
Once a day
2 times a day
3 times a day
4 times a day
Multiple times a day
Once a week
What is your industry?
Price Monitoring Price Monitoring Across All Competitors

For whom: Online, omnichannel brands and retailers

Your consumers are tracking prices across your competitors and you need to as well! Monitor competitor prices for exact and similar product offerings in near real-time, and stay on top of competitor price moves as they are happening.

Product Matching Product Matching

For whom: Online, omnichannel brands and retailers

Identify identical and similar products offered by your competitors with 99% contractually guaranteed accuracy. Compare and match your assortment, including your private brands, to fully understand your’s and your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Obtain accurate and complete competitor data every time with competitor-matched URL web crawls.

Assortment Planning Assortment Planning and Trend Forecasting

For whom: Online, omnichannel brands and retailers

Plan your assortment cycles, compare your catalogs with competitors to identify gaps, and track shopper trends and sales velocity to order and offer the right products at the right time.

Digital Shelf Analytics Digital Shelf Analytics

For whom: Online brands and manufacturers

Maximize your share of search and share of shelf with Intelligence Node’s digital shelf analytics that combines insights across pricing, assortment, product content and imagery, SEO optimization, searchability, consumer review analysis, and more.

MAP Monitoring MAP Monitoring

For whom: Online brands and manufacturers

Monitor and maintain your brand’s price equity by identifying price violations across the market. Intelligence Node’s MAP monitoring tracks price violations on marketplaces and third-party websites, identifies defaulters and unauthorized sellers, and protects your brand. The solution has a digital violation capture (screenshot) feature for proof and its ultra-fast refresh rates allow for the identification of the first violator, which resulted in other retailers following lowered price.

$ 10000

Simple, Scalable Pricing Model for Quick Deployment

Subscription model based
on consumption
Flexibility to upgrade your pricing
plan on-the-go
Made to scale with your
growing needs

Our SLAs Guarantee
Our Unmatched Accuracy & Efficiency

Data on time delivery
Data 'on time' delivery
99% of the time, Intelligence Node will deliver the data at the pre-agreed time(s) of the day.
Data Freshness
Data Freshness
99.9% of all SKUs will be updated at least once within the contracted window frequency.
Matching Accuracy
Matching Accuracy
If 100 SKUs are matched, only 1 can be a false positive (applies to exact matches).
Matching Discovery
Matching Discovery
If 50 out of 100 SKUs are matched, the remaining 50 unmatched SKUs will not have more than 1 false negative.

Tailor Your Solution by Choosing from
a Variety of Features and Filters

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Refresh Rates

Monitor the competitive landscape in real-time with up to 10-second data refreshes, or get data updates hourly, daily, weekly, or as per your business requirements
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Product Matching

Choose to match against exact, similar (private-label), or variations of your products sold by competitors anywhere in the world
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Omnichannel Pricing

Track store-specific pricing for omnichannel clients and competitors.
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Data Consumption

Consume our data and insights in the form of plug & play APIs, via a SaaS Portal or through data file transfer
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From global data to hyperlocal, ZIP-code store-specific data, get access to competitive insights from anywhere in the world
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Get visibility into competitor price/product movements by choosing any number of competitors to track
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Simply share the SKU list you want to monitor and we will do the rest!
Frequently Asked Questions

Our Sales team can help you there. Get in touch with them to get a quote for the product you're interested in. The minimum project size starts at $5k per month and price variations depend on multiple factors like SKUs, no. of competitor websites, modules you have opted for, etc.

Yes. Our bespoke services include everything from custom data reports, special APIs, even mobile apps. Our clients like to get creative.

Our pricing is completely based on the scope of the project, in terms of no. of SKUs, brands, websites, etc.

Get in touch with our sales team for a free demo and we'll answer as many questions as possible!

Yes. We entertain data requests all the time. But unlimited, real-time access will do wonders for your business.

Yes. Our Sales team can tell you which modules can be bought individually. Please leave a detailed enquiry with us.

Our clients have reported sales boosts of up to 10%, a 15% reduction in operational costs for an in-house data team, and up to 100% revenue growth. The reported growth is quarterly, making us your best bet for the quickest turnaround. We remain the most affordable retail analytics provider in the market.